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Help Another

A family member, friend, colleague or neighbor — someone you know — is living in fear of physical and emotional abuse from a loved one.

Domestic abuse is a pattern of deliberate behavior used to obtain and maintain power and control in a relationship. It typically grows in severity and frequency over time and can include physical violence, threats or demeaning remarks.

Domestic abuse does not discriminate — it crosses all social, economic, sexual orientation, racial and cultural lines.

Domestic abuse is a real threat; in fact, it is the second most prevalent crime in DuPage County, and without intervention, it can lead to death.

But help is available. Family Shelter Service is a comprehensive domestic abuse program in DuPage County, providing a range of services, support, information and resources to assist victims and their children to overcome obstacles and to become safe. These services are free of charge, confidential and are offered in English and Spanish.

If you, or someone you know, are living in fear of someone you love, please contact Family Shelter Service. Call our 24-hour hotline at (630) 469-5650 to receive critical information and services.

Domestic abuse is a secret no one should have to keep.