Volunteer Suzanne Czubala Teaches Medical Billing to Family Shelter Clients

Financial independence gives domestic violence victims the power to begin new lives, free of their abusers. Family Shelter has been exceptionally fortunate that Suzanne Czubala has offered her time and considerable expertise to train our clients in medical billing. This type of training qualifies them to work in a medical practice, medical billing service or academic medical center performing physician medical billing and collection.

Czubala, who owns a physician billing service, taught her first class beginning in June — 20 hours of training over five weeks.

“We were recently able to hire three of the class members as interns,” Czubala said. “We happened to have a new project that required additional help, so I opened it up to the class and three of the women accepted. I thought it would be nice to give Family Shelter clients these skills and also provide them with my connections in the industry in order to help place them as well.”

Medical billing professionals, Czubala said, are in great demand. “It is a very complex process and there are few ways to learn the skills.”

“When I attended a meeting at Family Shelter for volunteers,” she continued, “they told me that there was a career assistance program. I started thinking that it would be a great place to try out the class I had been thinking about developing while helping to fill the void in the industry and giving back to the community.”