“Trauma-Informed Tuesdays” on Facebook

Each Tuesday, Family Shelter Service Director of Programs Jen Gabrenya writes a Facebook post about trauma and the importance of always taking it into consideration in our dealings with clients — as well as with others. Entitled “Trauma-Informed Tuesday,” following is a recent post by Jen:

“I saw women lose custody rights because they had moved with their children to friends’ houses or even into domestic violence shelters to escape abuse, and judges considered these ‘unsuitable living arrangements.’ The children were sent back to their abusive fathers, who could provide ‘more stability.’

Wouldn’t it be nice it trauma was simple? If one ‘bad’ thing happened to you and all you had to do was find yourself some counseling and you could be fixed right up? Unfortunately, that is far from reality. Trauma is not only complex, it is often compounded by a sheer lack of compassionate systems that instead of mitigating trauma’s impact, exacerbate it. A New York Times article provides a powerful perspective on how cultural beliefs influence system responses in ways that are dangerous to domestic violence victims seeking safety. Click here to read the article.

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