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I looked at the other women in the group and wondered if we shared anything in common. I discovered that we share the same feelings of pain, loss and fear.

– Family Shelter Service Client


How can counseling help you?

The goal of counseling is to empower you to make informed decisions regarding your need for safety, self-esteem and acceptance. Counselors at Family Shelter Service are specially trained in domestic abuse issues. In a safe and friendly environment, a counselor can provide you with information about domestic abuse and the support needed to examine your relationship. A counselor will:

  • listen to you and respect your personal experience
  • help you to identify and articulate the issues you are struggling with and to explore your options
  • help you to develop personal goals and a plan to accomplish them
What kinds of counseling are available?

Individual counseling is offered in English and Spanish and is provided to adults and children for approximately ten sessions. Teens may attend five sessions without parental consent. Family counseling includes any other family member that would benefit, with the exception of the abuser. Group counseling includes:

  • Moms & Kids Group: This group offers an interactive experience for moms and their children. Moms explore the effects of abuse on themselves and their children. Children learn alternatives to violent behavior and that the violence in their family is not their fault. All participants learn about safety and self-esteem issues. This group is offered in English and Spanish.
  • Women’s Support Group: This group provides women with the opportunity to give voice to their experiences and to learn from the wisdom of other women. Together, they explore the impact of abuse on their lives, identify their strengths and consider possible options for change.
  • Latina Women’s Group: Similar to the Women’s Support Group, this group is conducted in Spanish and is offered at various locations throughout DuPage County.

Family Shelter Service does not offer couples counseling because, generally, it is not effective when domestic abuse is an issue. Family Shelter Service refers abusers to another agency in DuPage County for education and counseling.

All counseling is confidential and free of charge.