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Teen Relationships Facts & Stats

  • Nearly 1 in 3 teens report experiencing violent or abusive dating behaviors
  • In Illinois, 1 in 10 teens (11%) report actual physical abuse or threats of physical violence.
  • 58% of students said they would not know how to help if they knew someone was a victim.

Preparing for the Invasion of the Living Dead: A Middle School Bystander Intervention Program

This program uses hypothetical situations and asks youth to brainstorm solutions to popular bullying situations.  The program also incorporates teaching bystander intervention techniques to overcome the usual obstacles that keep people from intervening.  This program is 4 days (1-1.5 hours a day) or can be a 5 hour half-day program with built in breaks.

  • Day 1: Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse
  • Day 2: Situational Analysis Part I—Examining real bullying scenarios under the guise of the Zombie Invasion gone wrong.  So students study what happened, whether or not it could happen in their school/community and the possible outcome.
  • Day 3: Situational Analysis Part II—What rights were violated and who is responsible?
  • Day 4: Bystander Intervention Training

Recommended audience: School classes, youth groups, youth community groups


I think I like-you, like you…An Introduction to Teen Dating (the good, the bad, and the ugly)

This 4-day curriculum is designed to engage 8th Grade students in discussions about healthy dating relationships, boundaries, consent & cyber safety, and provide preliminary prevention education for dating abuse & sexual assault.  This program is 4 days (1-1.5 hours a day) or can be a 5 hour half-day program with built in breaks.

  • Day 1: What do you think about dating? Relationships? Love? Sex?
  • Day 2: Unfinished Ordinary Fairytales—Talking about healthy & unhealthy relationships and writing healthy endings to some sticky dating situations.
  • Day 3: I think I want to Kiss you?—Talking through the components of healthy communication & asking for consent when moving towards physical intimacy like kissing, touching & sex.
  • Day 4: Cyber Safety—Texting, sexting & social networking

Recommended audience: School classes, youth groups, youth community groups


Is it fb official?…A Healthy Relationships Workshop Series for High School Students

One of the PEACE Project’s main focuses is preventing future violence, and because of this the project is very dedicated to educating youth. This workshops series is appropriate for youth of high school age and up and is a 5-day (1-1.5 hours a day) or full-day program with built in lunch break. The program has students engaging in a wide variety of activities from speed double dating to spark conversations to analyzing TV relationships.

Topics covered:

  • Gender roles/societal influence
  • Media influence
  • The difference between a healthy, unhealthy, and abusive relationship
  • Communication in a relationship
  • How to help a friend/What to do if someone witnesses abuse
  • What teens can do to help stop dating abuse


Bystander Training

All of us are bystanders to violence at some time in our lives whether or not we want to be.  This training helps motivate and connect teens to the issue of violence prevention by asking them to join the fight against bullying, dating abuse and sexual violence.  The focus is on empowering young people to take leadership in stopping violence and effecting positive social change within their school and community by providing solutions to the obstacles that keep many of us from intervening.  Based on the strategies of well known violence prevention programs, Green Dot & Mentors in Violence Prevention, this program is meant to be a half-day training held multiple times during the school year.

Topics covered:

  • How violence spreads
  • Changing social norms
  • Identifying high-risk situations & warning signs
  • Preventing violence through safe bystander techniques
  • Practicing intervention techniques


Green Dot Violence Prevention Program—Bystander Intervention 

Our Violence Prevention Educator is a certified Green Dot Violence Prevention Program Trainer and is happy to assist in starting Green Dot at your High School or College campus.  In order for your school to adopt Green Dot as your violence prevention model there needs to be at least one staff/faculty member also trained in Green Dot.  For more information please contact Joy.

For more information or to arrange these programs, contact Tikiya Young at