What should I bring? 2012-09-24T12:49:16+00:00
  • A detailed list of abusive incidents beginning with the most recent. For more information click on How to Write Your Statement & downloadable Statement Page.
  • Any evidence of abuse, like harassing letters or emails, voice mail messages, photos of injuries, etc.
  • An address where it is safe for you to receive mail.
  • An address where the Respondent can be served copies. This can be either a home or work address.
  • A description of the Respondent, including date of birth, Social Security Number, hair & eye color, approximate height & weight, etc.
  • The addresses to be protected, like your residence, work, school, & children’s schools /daycares.
  • Your receipt number, if you began your petition on your own at www.illinoisprotectionorder.org