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Order of Protection Information

Welcome to our Order of Protection information pages! Please click on the links below for helpful information about the Order of Protection process in DuPage County. This information will assist you in determining whether you qualify for an Order and will prepare you to come to court. If after reading through this information you have questions about whether you qualify for an Order, please contact the Family Shelter Service Court Advocacy Office at 630-407-8813. For a printer friendly version of this information, click here.

Are You Considering An Order of Protection?

What is an Order of Protection (OP)?
Who can ask for an OP?
What are the guidelines for obtaining an Emergency OP?
In what County can I petition?
Where do I get an OP?
When should I petition for an OP?
How much does an OP cost?
What should I bring?
Should I bring my children?
How long will the OP last?
What can an OP do?