Judie Caribeaux- Global Ambassador Program

Family Shelter Service Executive Director Judie Caribeaux has been accepted into the Global Ambassador Program, a partnership between Vital Voices and Bank of America. Held this September in Chicago, the Global Ambassadors Program helps to connect women leaders — at a tipping point in their professional, business and leadership paths — with established women executives for mentorship.

This week-long leadership program focuses on training and mentoring women in leadership positions from around the world to advance economic development and entrepreneurship, human rights and political participation in their communities.

The mentee selection process for the program is rigorous; applicants must demonstrate a successful track record, with the capacity and intention to build their own business/enterprise/organization and leadership ability.

This successful program has resulted in ongoing communication and collaboration between mentor-mentee pairs following these seminars, helping to launch many successful enterprises, transformed business models and partnerships and connections that have opened new doors to funding for not-for-profit organizations.

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