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48-Hour Domestic Violence Training

Family Shelter Service is delighted to know that you are interested in participating in our 48-Hour Domestic Violence Training session.

Registration is now open for our January 20, 2018- March 10, 2018 training.

Classes are held from 9am to noon and 1pm to 4pm, with a one-hour lunch break. We realize that you are making quite a commitment to attend the training, so we encourage you to dress casually and feel free to bring lunch and snacks for yourself as we have a large refrigerator for storage!

The training is held at our Community Counseling facility, located in Downers Grove.  We charge a $250.00 fee for professional or personal education, a $125.00 fee for Family Shelter Service volunteers and a $75 fee for students, to cover the cost of the training and manuals that you will be able to keep as a great resource.

Reservations tend to fill up quickly due to limited space and a high interest from community members, so we cannot guarantee slots will still be available by the registration deadline.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a very complex issue that affects one out of three women in her lifetime.  The Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence therefore requires that all domestic violence staff, interns and volunteers who wish to provide direct services to victims complete a minimum of 40 hours of training.

Family Shelter Service has been approved by the ICDVP Board of Directors to offer this training.  Our professional facilitators offer this training two to three times a year and trainings are open to professionals and community members who wish to learn more about this devastating societal problem.

The topics covered are all essential to a true understanding of domestic abuse and include, but are not limited to:

  • Violence: An American Tradition
  • Impact of violence on the victim
  • Profile of the batterer
  • Effects of domestic violence on children
  • Substance abuse and domestic violence
  • Orders of Protection and the legal response

No matter what your reason for attending this training, you will find it to be a life-altering education experience, and the knowledge you gain will enable you to advocate in your community on behalf of all victims.

Please feel free to participate in our next training by completing and returning a printable training form, or registering online:

For more information send an email to

“Education is the engine that drives our desire and ability to cause positive change.” – Author unknown