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Hotline Number: 630-469-5650

The Family Shelter hotline provides a confidential lifeline for someone to gain knowledge, support, and validation regarding the domestic abuse they or a loved one has experienced. A hotline counselor works with each caller’s specific situation and assists in providing options that are unique to that caller. Safety is assessed and addressed to develop a plan that the survivor feels comfortable in carrying out. Not only can callers access linkage to our other services, but receives a compassionate, listening ear to provide the support that they may have not received before from any other source.

  • You want to talk about your situation with someone who understands, or
  • You want to learn more about services and how to obtain information and help.
  • Listen to you
  • Determine if Family Shelter programs meet your needs
  • Refer you to other programs/services within DuPage County that can be of help
  • Provide information about Family Shelter’s programs
  • Provide information about safety planning
  • Conduct an intake and arrange temporary shelter

“I like knowing there is somebody I can call at any time.”

- A Victim of Domestic Abuse