Cultivating Healthy Teen Relationships

Thanks to the fundraising efforts of the Destination Imagination team from Edison Middle School, Family Shelter Service now offers a new poster directed to teens, which is headlined “Are you experiencing dating abuse?” The poster goes on to ask a series of questions that enable teens to evaluate their relationships. Questions such as “Does your partner act possessive or jealous? …control where you go? … call or text you excessively” all help teens to spot dating abuse before the relationship can spiral out of control.

Destination Imagination students Emily Sexauer and Jacob Sutherland worked with Joy Tanimura-Winquist, Family Shelter’s PEACE Prevention Educator, to design the poster, which typically is posted in restrooms.

“We wanted something in more teen-friendly language,” said Tanimura- Winquist. “We were also looking for something that was gender-inclusive.”

Emily Sexauer’s freshman student council group at Wheaton-Warrenville South is sponsoring the Teen Bathroom Poster, which is expected to be installed in the school this spring.

Family Shelter Service also offers posters specifically created for women’s restrooms. Known as “The Bathroom Project,” these posters feature small take-home cards with Family Shelter Service’s hotline number and a series of questions concerning abusive relationships.

If you are interested in having The Bathroom Project Poster or the Teen Bathroom Poster in your organization or school, please contact Family Shelter Service at 630-221-8290 or mail@