Our Community without Family Shelter?

Here is another one of our Friday Features from the Executive Director:

In the style of Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life, I wonder what our community would be like if Family Shelter Service didn’t exist. What if there was no one to answer when the hotline phone rang? What if all a woman heard was silence in response to her knock on the shelter door? If you have never seen the movie, the main character, George Bailey, was given the gift of witnessing what his community (Bedford Park) would have been like if he was not born. In the end, Bedford Park was so much richer because George got involved by putting the greater good of the community above self-interest.

I was blessed to have a network of family and friends to support me once I could recognize and name the abuse I was experiencing for what it was – insidious. Each person who helped me during this crisis has had a profound influence on where I am today. Family Shelter Service is more than a physical shelter. We are a network of guardians that deeply care about one another – willing to intervene so that others no longer live in the fear of abuse. Please join our community knowing that, like George Bailey, we will be better off with you than without.