A Birthday Wish from a Former Client

One of our former clients is raising money for our 10K/5K in an unusual way… Below is her letter to her family:

“Good Morning Guys 🙂
With my birthday coming up, I wanted to let you guys know that I decided a couple months ago I do not want any presents. Instead of gifts for me (while I always love them), I would like you to donate to my Family Shelter Service 5k fundraiser 🙂

My thought is that yes, I like new clothes and iTunes gift cards but think the money could be of more worth to a non-profit who supports those who don’t even have safety. So one less new shirt hanging in my closet means another woman or child who has suffered DV can have a healing group counseling session or breakfast before school.

You can make your donation through the secured site, and for my birthday get together just bring your lovely selves and my favorite little nuggets & enjoy some pizza, my treat 🙂

Love you guys!”